These are the industries that we like and with which we have collaborated
over the years with various solutions.







what we do

We are specialists in means of payment, capture devices and electronic transactions.

We design, dispatch and operate transactional solutions.

We offer from the provision of capture points, application development, high availability systems, dispatch and all associated services.

We provide technological innovation to improve the user experience and optimize information flows.


products portfolio

TST – Service management platform

We built and operate an asset management platform which allows to keep track of the entire device’s lifecycle. With more than 56,000 units deployed over 9 countries we fully control stock, logistics, maintenance and repair, licenses and service level agreements KPI’s.


With more than 8 years managing online orders for +26,000 restaurants we built the more powerful android based point of sale system. We started in 2019 in Argentina and we are now expanding internationally.


We certified and deployed in 2016 the first POS based electronic tax receipts for “mom & pop” merchants in Chile. Since then we expand the solution across the country and by January 2021 we are processing more than 200,000 vouchers daily.

pds in numbers:

Running transactional businesses means monitoring KPls in real time.
These 3 metrics define us


Monthly transactions

Managed devices

projects portfolio

We highly appreciate our clients’ support.
These have been our key achievements so far


Embonor – Trade marketing solution

We pilot a POS android based trade marketing solution for Coca Cola Embonor in Chile. Over 12 months period the project allowed to fully digitalized sale process, customer engagement and promotional campaigns.

Pedidos Ya

We implemented and operate the platform and POS network that processes and dispatches deliveries to 17,000 restaurants in 7 countries.

INGENICO – Apos certification

Realizamos la primer implementación de la plataforma smartpos Android de Ingenico sobre Dx8000 desarrollando y certificando la aplicación EMV crédito/débito de Fiserv Uruguay.

about us

We are a team of people who have worked together for 10 years with enthusiasm, ethics and dedication and who have managed to carry out projects in various industries.

We enjoy working with our clients, sharing our achievements, celebrating each victory, keep learning as we go and adding value in everything we do.

We come mainly from the payment industry but we have been adding talented professionals from various cultures and experiences.

Today we deliver non-stop services and operations in more than 8 Latin American countries.

We like to innovate.


our partners

We are very pleased to have world class companies that guide and support us in
a constant process of technological innovation.